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Financing plans at Bathurst Auto Credit, 100% approved!

At Bathurst Auto Credit, your resource for financing and purchasing new and used vehicles, we know that securing financing for a new or used vehicle can be a laborious task. That's why we make every effort to make access to Auto Credit quick and easy to provide you with the most enjoyable shopping experience.

Why choose Bathurst Auto Credit? You have several reasons to come to us to get a credit approval. Trust our experienced and motivated team. You get an answer in 24 hours. Your request remains secure. You are not obligated to buy. Your interest rate is protected for 30 days. No cash is required. We offer you free access to your credit bureau. Our approval rate is 100%, one of the highest approval rates in the country.

Personalized plans

We do business with several banking institutions to give you the best possible options and we have many plans to help every person who comes to us. You are our priority.

You can reach us 7/7 (contact us). Our approval is quick and simple. It is done in three easy steps. We only need a T4, a check specimen, supporting identification pieces and 2 recent pay deposits.

We will find you a competitive source of financing, whether your credit report is good or bad. Our credit applications can be made online in the comfort of your home.

Our credits are 100% approved. Follow the EASY steps of our Car Credit Guide that will take you to the famous "ACCEPT" you are looking for. Do not wait any longer! Getting the right vehicle for your needs is just a matter of time.

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